About the blog


I’ll usually only post recipes that work and that I like – I figure that nobody is interested in failures. My recipes are from all over – some are mine, others are adapted from various sources, and some I have no idea where they originally came from. Where I can and it’s relevant, I will credit the source.


I mainly use standard Australian measures (except when it comes to tablespoons 1 Tbsp=3 tsp). In saying this, the more I cook, the more I realise that weight is the most reliable measure, especially with baking. So, I use my electronic scales almost every day and will usually write recipes stating weights.


From time to time, I receive products from various suppliers to test and I mention it when I do. If you are interested in working with me drop me an email.


I’m generally happy for you to link to my blog. I just ask that you credit me – Marija Vidovich, imustgearoundtoit.wordpress.com – and any other sources, and also flick me an email to let me know.

My favourite things

In no particular order, my kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a few appliances and gadgets:

  • Kenny (OK, so he’s number one. That’s my Kenwood mixer for those new to the site – and no, they don’t pay me to rave about it)
  • citrus zester
  • sharp knives
  • heavy bottomed fry pans and pots
  • baking paper
  • electronic scales
  • candy and meat thermometers
  • a range of cake tins – check out your local thrift store for good quality second hand options
  • sieves
  • my Nespresso machine (essential when reading other blogs or recipes)


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